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From: Timothy Luoma (luomat@peak.org)
Subject: Re: sendmail and UUCP on NeXT
Newsgroups: comp.sys.next.sysadmin
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Date: 1997/05/28

	It's OK, you are in good company.... others have done this also...

Let me make sure I understand you correctly:

You want to use PPP to connect to the world

You want to be able to send mail off-line and have PPP start via cron &
pure the mail q

You want to be able to download mail via cron

Does your ISP have pop3 support or imap?

If so, you can use PopOver.app to download mail & feed it to procmail.
Set the mail directory to

|/usr/local/bin/formail -e -s procmail

You can use this in yourprocmailrc file:

:0wfh *^From PopOver
| formail -I'From ' | formail

and that will recreate the 'From ' line and procmail can deliver the mail
(we can talk procmail later)

If you want help setting up sendmail, checkout this most helpful guide


(note: using this guide I was able to setup my config once and have used
it through 3 reinstalls... this past time I setup sendmail in less than 5


is the newest sendmail setup for NeXTStep/OpenStep.

As for PPP -- what version are you using?  I am using ppp2.3 under NSFIP
and it hasn't crashed once...

Feel free to ask me more questions if I've missed something...


TjL <luomat@peak.org>   / http://www.peak.org/~luomat/next/ 
"The best things in life are made into inferior 
 versions and bundled with the latest Microsoft systems"
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