Duplicating disks

There is a way to make a bootable copy of a NeXTSTEP disk.

First, erase the target drive or give it
the right partitioning scheme. (not covered here yet...)

Then open a terminal, become superuser and change directory to the target drive:

  #cd /disk2

then type:

  #dump 0f - /dev/sd0a | restore -rf -

the complete tree will be copied to the new disk. including settings,
users and applications.

Write Disk-image back to disk

To make a floppy from a image on black hardware do the following:

insert a floppy. if it is initialized, open a terminal.
If the floppy is called myfloppy you type:
  #umount /myfloppy

the floppy is unmounted, but not ejected.
then copy the image over. the demo image was /Share/Rhapboot.img

    #dd if=/Share/Rhapboot.img of=/dev/rfd0b conv=sync bs=8k

the image will be copied onto the disk.
when you have the prompt back you will read something like:

   180+0 records in
180+0 records out

To eject the disk, type:
  #disk -e /dev/rfd0b
there is your disk!

If you want to go the other way round, swap the if= for the of= info.