Atari Gotcha 1973

Here you may find some information I have collected over the years for my Atari Gotcha arcade game. At the moment it is in visual pretty bad shape. The back plate is lost and there are some scratches on the sides. My version has normal joysticks in stead of the boobs found on the version on the flyer. There exists a photo on the web of a white cap in stead of the orange i have.

Here is a movie of a game. unfortunately i was playing both sticks at the same time. not a thrilling game but you get a idea about how it is to play this game. there is also a emulator called dice online. speed on my dual atom 1.6 is slow.


This is how the board looks like. it is a dual layer epoxy board with a classic setup: top layer vertical, bottom layer horizontal.

The PCB is fixed now, some 7474N's were broken and a 74135 for the counters was bad. i replaced all the broken chips with sockets, so i no longer have to solder to swap them. i forsee that in the years they all will be replaced. hopefully i will find the right ttl chips in time. I removed the LM309 voltage regulator and am using a switching power supply directly. all caps are still original. they don't make quality like that no more these day's.

and here is a PDF with the schematics.

Here a closer look of the console. I think the white explanation was later added by a rental company.

The coin slot of the machine for Dutch 25ct pieces

The monitor internals. it's crappy, but working. the speaker could use some work...

The place of the pcb (removed for repair) game counter and power transformer

Internals of the joysticks and the game start button

Close-up of the joysticks. Are these the first even use of joysticks on a arcade game?


Up till now I was unable to spot another Gotcha in Europe. There are a few in the states. see VAPS
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